This week was great, I was finally able to do my usual morning run after having the flu (which btw has, according to the news, been the worst flu epidemic in Italy in the last 15 years…), work has been fun and busy, and then…

On Friday I turned 35 (that is insane to write by the way- 35!)- yay! And to celebrate I wanted to go to ski (of course)- so we did!

Bf came to Varese on Friday, I opened some presents and in the evening we went out to grab a glass of wine. From him I got a GoPro camera, from my mom I got a super cute little guardian angel and some really (impressively) nice earrings from my brother and his family.

So of course I had to test my new GoPro in the slopes on Saturday, which really turned out great- the quality and the resolution of the images are fantastic- very happy with the present ❤ .


We went to Splügen in Switzerland to ski, which is only about 1,5 hours from Varese, and the weather could not have been better. There we met up with some friends that came from Como and Lugano and just had such a nice day out in the snow and the sun.


Two Italians, one Norwegian, one Polish and two Americans- yesss ❤




An the result of my GoPro filming…? Here you go 😉


Even managed to squeeze in some ‘afterski’ in Varese in the evening, before going to Trattoria Caprese to get dinner.., at 10 we were seated, after an hour wait- but they offer prosecco and food while you wait so we had a nice time just waiting too 🙂


Today I met with my lovely Janhvi in the morning and her super cute baby boy Jules, and then at 12 I went home to make lunch with bf- pasta with zucchini, sausage, Gorgonzola and some bread on the side- so yummy!


All in all a fantastic birthday weekend, and I am extremely blessed and happy  with good people, good food, nice presents and good activities. And in addition I have a nice week ahead of me 🙂

Happy Sunday ❤ 🙂

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