The first weekend of 2018

I have the flu, I got it on Tuesday and ignored it until Friday morning where i had to lay down my want and just admit that I had it, which means I couldn’t do my normal run these days, so annoying!

On the bright side we went shopping on Saturday since sale started here on Friday.

We did our damage, and already at 10 in the morning when we arrived at Arese shopping mall, it was quite busy.

I got some underwear, some really nice boots and a scarf matching the bag I got from my bf for Christmas.


I bought a nice pencil skirt, some sensible sweaters and did some much needed shopping for protein powder, some running tights and the best bars there are (I had to buy three packs as I never find them anywhere, and since I found them at Decathlon, I emptied them out;) ).


This pocket on the tights is an absolute MUST for me, it fits my Iphone, and I cannot be bothered to get one of those extra arm thingies to put it in- the running tights must have room for it- just FYI;)

We are doing white weeks until my birthday next weekend, so yesterday we went to have some sushi before going to the movies in the evening- watched Jumanji- rather entertaining I must say.. even dubbed in Italian- I can never mention too often how annoying that is (and yes, all movies everywhere are dubbed here).


Today has been a rather relaxed day, we stopped by Zara home where I bought two sets of bed sheets (HERE and HERE)- rather expensive I must say, but still half off and very much needed- after all we do spend a considerable amount of time in bed!


We made an ahmazing lunch based around the olive oil from the garden of my boyfriends’ parents house- it is something entirely different than anything you get from the store- just dipping bread in it tastes like a teeny tiny bit of Italy ❤


With some fresh roasted bread in the oven, freshly cut prosciutto, tomatoes with salt and buffalo mozarella cheese… y.u.m!


Now I just plan to treat my cold with some grapes and watch Suits on Netflix- lovely Sunday chill 🙂



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