From 2017 to 2018

After Tromsø for Christmas I made a pit stop at my dads house in Tønsberg, and the day after flew back to Milan.

On the 28th of December my friend came down to Italy from Oslo to celebrate New Years with us. Because it is an amazing idea, we decided to go to the mountain and ring the new year in.

We were super lucky with the hotel in the middle of a little town, Moena in Trentino in the north of Italy.

So, we packed the car to perfection, as we were four of us, Kjersti, Sofia, bf and me with luggage and two of us brought skis too.

We got half a day skiing when we got up there on the 30th in ok conditions, took maximum advantage of the hotel spa in the evening, and even had some prosecco delivered to the room (which we needed to put outside for the laggers Sofia and 🙂 )

Then on the 31st the conditions were INSANE! Sun from a clear sky, slopes prepped to perfection, not too many people and the best crew to ski with- I could not have been happier with our decision!


In the evening me, Kjersti and my bf went for dinner in a restaurant we had pre- booked, and at 12.30 we were dead after a long day. We just made it to see 2017 turn into 2018 and then happily went to bed to get up and ski some more the next day.

The food was amazing, the company even better, and bf finally got to wear (slightly forced…) his new helicopter cuff links I bought him when he got his helicopter license 🙂

On the 1st of January we were to return back home, so we got up early to make the most of the day and get in a half day of skiing before heading back. The weather did not play nice though…

As one can see, not the best view…

But with absolute powder in the slopes and less wind once we got down from the top of the mountain and all in warm clothes, we nailed that day too.


We were so happy with our decision, we are already booking the same for next year 😉

Welcome 2018- we started off as great friends, let’s keep it that way 🙂 !


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