Friends, family and Lyngen

I am so lucky to have family and friends to visit when I go home, and of course during Christmas it is even nicer to get to meet everyone!

On Friday morning me and my mom started the day running some errands and grabbing a coffee, before going to visit my friend at her parents house where she was staying with her two girls and fiancée. I have known her since I was born because our parents were friends, so it was so nice to go there with my mom too!

In the afternoon me and my mom continued our tour to my aunt and uncle to meet them and my cousin. And as always during Christmas- there was food… such lovely food! A classic Norwegian Christmas buffet with salmon, bread, meat, scrambled eggs and so much more.

My mom went back to Lyngen with her husband and I stayed in Tromsø to pick up my bf from the airport the day after.

In the evening me, Lisa and Benedicte had dinner at Benedicte’s house- again- yum on enchiladas made by her master chef Benedicte!!! And those cookies she has made- to die for- let me tell you!

On the 23rd before heading over to the airport I went to the cemetery to put down flowers and lights there, alwas so nice to see all the lights.

At 1PM my bf landed. We just took a little trip around Tromsø so that he could see the city a bit and then headed to Lyngen (a two hour drive from Tromsø) to celebrate Christmas 🎄 ❤

Of course we had to decorate the Christmas tree while Asbjørn and my mom made dinner- claws of king crab made with garlic and gratinated in cheese, and then as a main dish an insanely tasty pot ❤

What a start of Christmas in Lyngen!

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