Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we woke up to fantastic weather! Lyngen was clad in snow, it was clear skies and cold- exactly what can only wish for. So since we (me and my mom) loves to get some fresh air and take advantage of the hours of light we have, we took my bf on a walk.


As we are in the ‘dark time’ of the year in the north now, the sun does not rise. You get some daylight from 11-1.30 so for me it’s all about staying outside and taking advantage of the light.

The scenery was unreal, the snow was sparkling, trees heavy of snow, that distinctive sound of winter shoes walking in cold snow- nothing compares!

Bf managed to managed to drop his phone without realizing it, doing this:

So we walked, had to return for the phone and then continue again, so in total we got a nice 2 hours outside in the snow.

Me and my mom dressed in traditional Norwegian dresses (bunad) to go to church at 4. These ones are used for festive occasions in Norway and represents where you are from. I have the same as my mom only mine is green (representing the forrest) and hers is blue (representing the sea).

The sermon in church was lovely with Christmas psalms and a nice preach from the priest.

Then in the evening we had our traditional Christmas dinner with salted ribs of the lamb steamed, ribs of pork cooked in the oven, mashed cabbage and potatoes.

Since we basically only eat this once a year it is insane how good it tastes, and how much it is possible to eat…

Then we opened presents (we do it in the evening of the 24th) and I got some really nice ones-jewelry, sun glasses, a bag, underwear, the skin of a goat from my friend that has a farm, money, workout clothes and kitchen things- so happy 🙂 !

And to top it off- the northers lights came to say hi- much to the enjoyment of my bf!

Totally unrealistic that he actually got to see that too on a three day trip to the North- but lucky him- he did! I got texts from everyone that they were so happy he got to see it- hehe 🙂

Could not have asked for a better celebration!

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