From the south to the north

After an insanely stressful trip from work to Malpensa, I arrived there an hour and an half before my flight, and becase of queues everywhere I ended up having to run to my gate to catch my flight.

I had a deadline to reach at work, so my flight was the fastest I have ever taken since I was working frantically on the plane (thank god for wifi on the Norwegian planes) to get it time before it was too late in the afternoon. I arrived in Oslo 40 minutes before my next flight, so had to run to my next flight too…which of course was delayed.

On account of snowfall in Tromso, they had to clean the runway, so we had to circle the airport for an hour before landing- but in the end, I arrived in Tromso to celebrate Christmas ❤ 🙂



My lovely cousin had decorated the house so nice inside, and the city was clad in the perfect Christmas snow- could not be happier ❤ 🙂


This little santa is ‘me’ according to my cousin, I can totally get onboard with that- love it!


And then, just to remember the important things in life- this one spoke to me:


Home for Christmas 🙂

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