Hectic times

From Friday until today the days flew by, which I love!

Friday after work I went to Como with Julie, my lovely French friend that I work with. We met up with her friend Juliette at this super nice restaurant in Como. They even had ice bears and other animals- nothing can beat that 😉 !

I had this amazing pasta with sausage and chestnuts, so Italian Christmas ❤

On Saturday I went and did my hair which is always a treat, and I do think my mother will be happy that my hair is freshly done for Christmas (mothers, they will always be in our minds whatever the age… 😉 )

And of course my Kiko addiction (beauty store) is still going strong, so had to buy the perfect red lipstick and matching nailpolish there too- little treats for Christmas!

Then I went back to Como in the evening as we had booked a table at Figli dei Fiori, which is a flower shop and a restaurant, and the food- so good! Because it is so popular we had to be there at 7… so early bird special for us- hehe.

But the place met my high expectations (expectations made by Julie that lives in Como), so nice and great food!

On Sunday I first went to lunch with my friend who is in maternity leave, and got to hang out with her and her oh so cute little boy, look at that hair on him- so cute, I die ❤


Then another friend came over and we baked gingerbread cookies, it is my ultimate childhood memory to bake gingerbread cookies before Christmas, so I just had to do it! And of course, taste a few;)

I brought most of them to work, but left a box for my bf since he will stay here the night before he comes up to Norway for Christmas (I will be there before him), and I gift wrapped a few for his friend that will have to work all Christmas instead of going home to Naples. Good deeds- done 🙂


Yesterday we had a team- dinner after work, I L.O.V.E being back in the Vans team and working with the best people again.

All in all some fantastic and hectic days.

Today I came home late from work, so I will have to pack my bags tomorrow, because on Thursday I go home for Christmas ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So many great things happening now- love it :)!

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