Innsbruck, Austria

Since this weekend was a long weekend, we decided to take the trip to Innsbruck for the Christmas market and some skiing there. Didn’t plan to keep such a tight schedule, but in the end it worked out to perfection!

Friday went like this:

Get up at 5.45- drive to Innsbruck (around five hour drive)

Ski half a day until 4 pm

Get to the hotel- after almost sliding off the road on account of heavy snowfall- thank you to the diamond of a man that gave us the necessary push to get going up the hill! He literally pushed the car in a uphill to help us get going after being stuck in the street, and yes- the car does have winter tires.

Shower and a change of clothes.

At 6.30 pm we were ready to take the bus from the hotel to Innsbruck (we didn’t chance the roads again)- at 7 it arrived.

Ran around Innsbruck Christmas marked that closed at 8…- so so beautiful!! Found some really cute presents for my mom, my aunt, bfs parent and my cousin (so now they know where they came from;) ) .

You buy these cups and then they fill them with Hot wine for 1,5€ afterwards- so lovely. They say ‘Merry Christmas, Innsbruck Christmas Market 2017’- such a cute memory ❤
The buildings are breathtaking!


Christmas tree ❤

Then we stumbled upon random bar, and loved it- felt like and after-ski place- so unpretentious and chill with German music (as you can hear so lovely below here), so we stayed there instead of going to a restaurant for dinner until we had to take the last bus home at 10


11pm back in the hotel and literally fell asleep as our heads hit the pillow

Saturday went like this:

7.30 the alarm went off- in which we were already awake, peeked out the window and it was totally Winter Wonderland out there- made me so happy!


We packed our things and grabbed some breakfast in the hotel- so good! I had muesli and some yogurt, dark bread with ham and cheese, a cookie and some biscotti. My bf basically ate them clean of bacon and eggs- hehe!


Went skiing for half a day- until 1, had lunch (even though none of us were hungry after that big breakfast)- we shared goulash and a veggie and egg soup.




At 2 we headed back home, after 5 hours we were back home. Put everything in order and at 8 we went out to watch Inter Milan versus Juventus in a bar.

Inter played awful by managed to tie 0-0 and thus still leads serie A- a win in other words…

Went back home, and at 23.30 we were dead!! Great couple of days, but not much sitting still- just like I prefer!! Thank God my bf is the same way 🙂 !!

Today is a ‘Christmas day’ – more of that tomorrow 😉

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