It’s beginning to look…

It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

And I am Norwegian, with a cousin who has taught me to L.O.V.E Christmas above (almost) anything, so going to Como yesterday was so up my alley I might have almost cried a bit. Totally over the top decorations, totally within my liking (for Christmas) ❤ I even put up my Advent star in the window and burnt some Christmas incense- ahhhh- it is beginning to look (and smell) like Christmas 🙂

I mean- LOOK at Como- they have projected Christmas decorations on all the building in the main Duomo square… Impressive, just impressive! Apparently last year 1,8 million people visited Como’s Christmas market!

Even found some hot wine there


We went for a salad at the fantastic salad place in Como for dinner- so good :)!


Today we went for a run in the morning (yes, we have become those people who go for an 8k run on a Sunday morning…)

And then we went to Milan to watch Inter kill Chievo at San Siro 5-0, it was an epic match that took them to the top of the Serie A in Italy! So much fun and with 55 000 people cheering for Inter Milan, our Sunday was complete! Before the match we, of course, had to get some lunch so we went to La Conchilia just by San Siro- best food, so cheap and so Italian ❤

So to sum up; Christmas Como, food (a run), food and Inter Milan- cannot ask for much more 😉 !


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