I made it!

New week

Yesss, start of the week, new beginnings and all that. It started with me oversleeping, not being able to do my normal run, and kind of just took a wrong- turn from there on…

BUT, then I got my head together and managed to go for a 30 minute run AND do 30 minutes at the gym during my lunch- hour, so I feel I redeemed myself quite good. And of course I felt 100 times better afterwards, it is so strange how my head at times can trick me into thinking I will not feel better by working out.



Happy Monday in any case. I have a great week ahead. A lot of interesting meetings at work, bf comes back to Varese on Wednesday (yay!), meeting a friend on maternity leave on Thursday, going out on Friday, then going to Como to watch the lovely Christmas lights on Saturday, and have dinner at the salad place in the evening- in general a lot to look forward to this week. And the next couple of weeks will bring a lot of great days, friends, dinners and experiences😊

On top of that, I learned that my oldest friend (when I was born, she was one- we have been friends ever since) will be home in Tromsø this Christmas, so I get to see her and her family too- MADE my DAY!!



As always, happy Monday!

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