The day had arrived- the time for establishing our new tradition of Friendsgiving in Lugano. As we use any excuse we can to eat a lot of good food, we took the opportunity to meet up to make- and eat good food in great company.

Since Thanksgiving was last week, it was only natural that we made turkey with sides.

Jen had made these insanely dangerously good pretzles with Rollos (chocolate) in the middle- I could probably only have eaten those to be honest. But I must say, we made a great dinner too πŸ˜‰

I took the task of getting the turkey, and as mentioned yesterday I could only get a hold of a 7 kg turkey, which for 4 people is quite a lot, but does make a good excuse to eat turkey the next day too…!

I prepared everything I could at home, and let the turkey sit to marinade over night in the fridge. Oh, and by the way- the turkey was local Varese turkey, free- running, grain fed and all!

All ready to go, so organized… πŸ™‚


Iza had fixed some delicious cheese and meat as a pre-course, just so we wouldn’t starve until the turkey was done, and she even brought plum-jam from Poland- so tasty!! Of course we had to start with some Prosecco- we are, after all, in Prosecco-land πŸ˜‰

Jen had set up the table so nice for us, even made nametags for us, I was impressed!

Then the cooking started, we basted the turkey in butter and spices and stuffed it with minced meat, bacon and spices. Every 30 minutes of the 3,5 hours it took to cook it, we went in a basted it more with the basting from the pan- excellent teamwork- me and Iza basting, Jen taking pictures.

Always fun stuffing a turkey… πŸ™‚

We made some gravy base (on the liver and heart of the turkey, some veggies and herbs), veggies for sides, and the best slow- cooked potatoes to date.

And then, after almost four hours, the carving of the turkey started- luckily Kate came and took charge of that. Such good food, some good wine and such good company- could not ask for a better Saturday evening  with friends ❀

And for dessert- we knew we wouldn’t be able to eat a heavy desert after this feast, so these prezels did the trick.



Nothing more to say, but that I am extremely thankful for these ladies πŸ™‚


One happy camper eating the leftovers today πŸ˜‰


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