Swoosh… and my weekend in Norway was over.

It was a swift trip to Norway last weekend, and as always it just goes by too fast!

On Thursday when I arrived at my dad’s house they had made our traditional Christmas dinner, and if you can just imagine the lovely smell of that food- I drool just imagining it!

As we sat up chatting until 3 am I was rather tired when I woke up the next day, but in the interest of having energy for the rest of the day- I went for a run (/walk a bit too), and it did wonders for the rest of the day.

Me and my dad went to grab a coffee in Tønsberg and I just had to get a marzipan stick covered in chocolate- very typical Norwegian for Christmas.


Look at the cool money they (we) have in Norway now, design and all- I do remember them getting some attention when they were launched.

We went to visit my grandfather and I caught the train to Oslo to stay at my brother’s place. I literally only had time to drop off my things and say hi to my nephews before my friend picked me up so we could go out to dinner ❤


The place was Asian so we ordered some sushi and a veggie-wok- so good.



Saturday I spent with my brother and the kids- we went ice- skating! So much fun, and great to be on the ice again. Me and my brother grew up ice- skating, and being outside in the fresh air was fantastic!

I took two of my nephews up to my mom’s apartment as I hadn’t seen it properly- looked so nice.

To make up for some walking I took them to a café to grab a cinnamon bun, a muffin and I had a coffee.

In the evening my friend came over to my brother’s house since I was babysitting my nephews- so nice to just have a catch- up with her too ❤ !

And then on Sunday morning I left for Milan again.

All in all a great weekend with friends and family 😊

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