Stabio, Malpensa, Oslo, Tønsberg

Puh, I have finally arrived on the train to Tønsberg to stay at my dads house until tomorrow. 

It’s been a rather hectic day. It started with my usual run, took ‘the long’ route today, so 50 minutes.
As it was my trainees last day today I picked up some croissants before heading to work this morning and arrived there at 8- felt pretty accomplished to be honest with everything I managed to do before 8…

I stayed at work until 11 before heading over to Malpensa (the airport in Milan) to catch the plane to Oslo. Landed in Oslo at 16.20 and basically had to run to be able to do all the duty free shopping (BIG thing in Norway, alcohol is so expensive there so you always buy what you can upon entering).

At 5.13 the train left the airport and at 18.50 I’ll be in Tønsberg. Luckily my dad wrote me to not eat anything on the way there, I am so hungry and so looking forward to arriving and having dinner with them 🙂 !! 


I brought some flowers and made (!!) a card for my dad, as it was fathers day in Norway last Sunday (not sure why we dont’t follow the international days), it was more the effort than the actual gift- I think he’ll like it though 😉


Tomorrow I have one phone meeting and then the rest of the day off, we will go to visit my grandfather and just hang around Tønsberg and Sandefjord. In the evening I go to my brothers house in Oslo and have dinner with some friends- love this, love being at home for the weekend!

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