New Years booked!

I have such a peace of mind right now, because I finally booked the hotel for New Year’s Eve. Me, bf, my friend coming from Norway and another friend of mine are going skiing from the December 30th until January 1st in the lovely Dolomites. I cannot wait!

I have tried to book a decent place for days now, but almost everything is booked in Northers Italy. I finally found a really nice hotel in the middle of a small town, with a tiny spa and everything- so happy about it! And for a decent price- win in every direction!

Did I mention they have a spa?!

We did call to confirm today, and they didn’t find our reservation, but a couple of e-mails and phonecalls later we are now booked and ready to go! We (meaning my bf in this case) have even booked a restaurant for dinner on New Years Eve- did I mention I am stoked?!


Now I am all packed, both Christmas presents and suitcase- so I am ready to go home tomorrow at lunch- cannot wait for a nice weekend- it seems to be really winter back home too- which I do not mind at all!

See you in Norway 😊

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