A Sunday and a packed week

I started with a run along the sea on Sunday, and bf was getting the apartment ready for departure. Again- great weather, actually a great deal of people on the walkways along the sea and just such a energy boost getting some sea- air and some D- vitamin to start the day.

At 1 we had booked a table at a restaurant up the hill from Alba, which was supposed to be good- and as always here- they delivered!

For 12€ each we got a selection of meat and cheese, faigoli, beans, tomatosauce and spinach for appetizers, a pasta dish, in which I chose a risotto, and a choice of meat. In addition to a bottle of wine, bread and water… And it was ahhhhmazing!

Miraculously I managed to control myself to some extent, which of course meant that the bf had to cover my tracks and eat whatever I didn’t… I was full, but he was dead- haha

In any case- great lunch!

Headed back to Rimini after that, saw the place where he wants to get an apartment (looks good) and then I took the train back to a rainy grey Milan.

This week is very exciting and rather busy in the afternoons:

Today I have a dinner after work

Tomorrow I have to go shopping for the very last Christmas present

Wednesday I have to pack all the Christmas presents and my suitcase

Thursday I GO BACK HOME TO OSLO for the weekend- YAY! Starting with Tønsberg

Friday I go to Oslo and have dinner with some friends in the evening

Saturday I stay with my brother and my nephews and then a friend comes to meet me in the evening

Sunday- back to Italy again

Happy week 😃

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