San Benedetto 

16 kilometers north of Alba Adriatica lies San Benedetto, a port town and more alive place during winter than Alba Adriatica. 

Our Saturday started with the usual cup of espresso (or as the call it in Italy- normal coffee) and a croissant for my bf. 

And then we hit the road for a bikeride up the coast to San Benedetto.

The weather was fantastic- 16 degrees and sunny so it turned out to be a great ride on rather weary bikes.

Look natural they said… ok !
Lavorare, lavorare, lavorare- preferisco il rumore del mare. Work,Work,Work- I prefer the sound of the sea
We grabbed lunch there, three appetizers and some pasta to share- turns out it was way too much food, but so, so yummy!


Since the sun sets at 4.50 PM we decided to take the train back to Alba instead of riding the bikes, since that would entail being a bit on the motorway at dusk- hence not a good idea…

Look at them, so snug on the train!

We were back at the house at 5.30, relaxed a bit and then just went out for a light snack for dinner on account of the heavy lunch. 

Kudos to my bf for having the idea to spend the weekend in Alba Adriatica instead of at home up north! 

Tomorrow we’ll grab lunch here, and then head up to Rimini to check out the area he wants to get an appartment there, before I take the train back to Milan in the evening. 

A super- Saturday indeed 🙂 

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