I made it

So, there’s a public transport strike in Milan today which makes traffic absolutely congested on all the roads to Milan. I, of course, had to drive from work to Milan to park my car and catch the train.

The trip normally takes 45/50 minutes and I assumed there would be traffic so I went in due time… or so I thought… 

After an hour and a half I made it to where I park my car and then I had to catch the metro to Milan Central station. 

Five minutes after my train left I arrived there, mildly put, a bit stressed!

Milan Central station

The beautiful Hotel Excelsior outside the central station

But my genius bf had by then rebooked my ticket to a train an hour later so at least I got on a train to Rimini albeit an hour later. 

At least then I had some time to buy some tea, water and fruit for the trip.  

I wasn’t the only one there

Got me some tea, water and fruit ❤

Finally I’m on my way to Rimini, got my tea, some water, a bit of fruit, my phone is charging and I printed some book summaries before I left work, so I’ve got something to read as well as a book (Peter Druckert’s, ‘Management’) on my phone.

In the end- all is well. And when we get there my bf has bought some wine, olives, chips and other snacks. 

Happy Friday 😉 

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