Alba Adriatica it is


Tomorrow I will be going to Rimini by train from Milan first, and there my bf picks me up and we drive down to Alba Adriatica to stay at their apartment for the weekend.


We plan to take a trip to Pescara, which is about 30 minutes from Alba on Saturday, have some of the best seafood in the world (second to Norwegian seafood of course 😉 ) and just have a nice relaxing weekend by the sea.

Should be interesting to see how Alba Adriatica is in winter, as I was there this summer which was of course amazing. I am assuming it will be less people and less beach this time around, but in any case great!

And just to round things off this Thursday, two of the tunes that I am crushing on at the moment ❤

N.E.R.D & Rihanna- Lemon


Tove Lo- Disco Tits

(this is such a weird video- almost kills the song, so I would recommend listening to it instead: )

Happy Thursday ❤

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