Trips coming up

I am on a roll again- planning some nice trips in the months ahead.

This weekend I will most likely go to Alba Adriatica and Pescara.

Pescara (in the summer though)

And if not, I want to go to Alba in Piemonte for a truffle festival there . Alba means sunrise in Italian, hence the rather popular name. The two place are not connected to each other whatsoever.


Then next weekend I will go home to Oslo from Thursday to Sunday and visit family and friends there.

On December 8th we have a long weekend, so me and my bf will go to Innsbruck (Austria- new country- strangely enough I haven’t been there) for a couple of days- some Christmas markets and skiing.


Then for Christmas I will go back home, up north to Tromsø from December 21st to the 27th.


For New Years my friend comes down to Italy to visit me, so we’ll find somewhere to go skiing and celebrate the new year joined by an Italian friend of mine and maybe (hopefully) my bf.

On January 26th – 29th I will go to Lisbon in Portugal with a friend- yay for friend- weekend- trips 😊!

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 21.05.22

The first weekend in March I will go to Krakow in Poland (new country) with two other friends- as a prize to one of them for beating us in a contest.


And then comes Easter- not sure what I will do, might go back to the north of Norway- it depends.

And hopefully I will go to Marrakesh with some friends in February, in addition to what I hope will be a visit from my mom in February too.

Ah- some really nice trips coming up, and with a decent amount of time between them, so I don’t get exhausted either- just invigorated!

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