Erdem x H&M

I managed to snatch the two items I really wanted from the Erdem x H&M collection. First I looked on the Norwegian website for the items, but they were basically all sold out around 10 AM the morning of the release. Luck had it that on the Italian site, they were still available- so happy. I chanced on the sizes and figured if I missed it totally, I could probably sell them online with a profit.

Of course, they fit perfectly.

I have never been a big hunter of the collaboration collections from H&M (or any other for that matter), except from an excellent purchase of a couple of Maison Margiels shoes- love them still!



And a failed purchase of the Jimmy Choo collab of leopard shoes, never wore them- thrown out long ago.

But this time I had eyed the leopard coat and a lace top- which both are so beautiful and so versatile.

When I was 16 H&M had a leopard coat, and thinking I wouldn’t be able to wear it I didn’t buy it back then, how mistaken I was! I have wanted a good one ever since, and this one- with the pussy bow is just perfect. And so, so warm and soft!

And I am, and will always be a sucker for lace- so this one below here just had to be a part of my closet. I did also crave one of the lace dresses, and a skirt- but managed to control myself a bit.

Happy me 😊

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