A weekend in a flash

This weekend went by in a flash!

On Satuday I went to the hairdresser, my 2017 resolution on going to the hairdresser once a month is alive and well! And since the only time I ever bother to get curly hair is when other people do it, I took the opportunity this time too.

Of course, in the evening it is all flat again, which is the reason I never do it myself- my hair just responds too well to gravity… You can beautifully see the evolution below here..


In the evening we had a lovely, lovely dinner at Trattoria Caprese.

I am waiting for my food… 😉

And today we went to San Siro to watch a great match between Inter Milan and Torino, unfortunately Inter only managed 1-1, but still, the stadium was packed, which always makes it more fun!



After the game we went to Arese, and Il Centro shopping mall since it was absolutely pouring rain outside- we were surprisingly enough, not the only ones with that thought though!

I did manage to finish my Christmas shopping though- which I am very pleased about. I shall admit, though- that it is more on account of necessity that I have finished them, rather then the wish to be all structured. I am going home to Oslo in two weeks and have to bring them to my friends and family then. And next weekend I will either go and stay in Rimini or Alba Adriatica- in any case, not stay at home.

Hopefully this rain will stop until tomorrow morning, I have to start my week off running in the morning, and I want to do it outside instead of on a treadmill in the gym.

Nighty, night 🙂

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