Running and Yoga

As my friend unfortunately had a cold on Wednesday when we were off work and were supposed to go hiking, I went for a run in the morning and did some yoga in the afternoon instead. In addition, I did go shopping, which I shouldn’t have, but I did…


I discovered Jivamukti yoga in Berlin, when I was living there for my internship back in 2014- and over the period of three months I went every day to practice yoga- I miss that place so much. If you ever go to Berlin, Munich or NYC- go to Jivamukti yoga!

I just followed the video below, and no- I cannot do everything as one should, but I do it as far as I can. Which is why it is called practice yoga- you always get a bit more skilled, a bit more nimble and a bit better- the goal is that, not to be the best yogaist in the world (how would that be measured anyway?)!


And I just saw THIS article on running today, research shows that 74% of all runners says it has improved their mental health- I totally support that one. If I ever feel down or annoyed or anything actually- I go for a run, and everything is better. I usually say I don’t work out for my physical health (that too of course), but for my mental health!

YESSSS for running 😊


Happy Friday 🙂 !




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