Click and Collect

Sephora is really the master of the omnichannel experience.

I order it online, and once it has been picked and packed and is ready for pick up in store I get an e-mail, it usually takes an hour from I order online to when it is picked and packed.

Instead of having to wait for days for it to arrive, and then I am not at home so I have to pick it up somewhere in the middle of nowhere (it has happened), I can just pick it up on my way home from work, without the stress of not knowing if they have what I need.

And on my account online I can see everything I have bought there, both online and in store in the last year- absolutely killing it and making my experience so good!

In addition they add samples, and now they have added this card where it says my most bought product (handwritten, mind you) and recommendations based on my purchases- impressed by their attention to a customized experience- well done Sephora!


I received a 20% discount voucher on e-mail today and since I needed more of my face cream and my eyebrow pencil I headed over to their site, and of course bought a bit more than I had planned for…

These were what I had planned for; Xtend your youth face cream.

They once recommended this to me, and I have since stuck by it. It gives me enough moisture, which for me is super important as I have dry skin, but not greasy. And I can use it day and night since I cannot be bothered to buy different ones (I do have different serums though).

Lancôme Le Crayon Sourcils eyebrow pencil, in the colour 010 blonde (duh):

And then the things I didn’t plan to buy;

Sephora Sheet Facemask pink (the dark pink one), ultra moisturizing and brightening

Sephora Sheet Pearl Eye pad pink (the light, light pink one), perfecting and brightening

Sephora hair sleep mask, invigorating and anti- breakage

I’ve never tried the hairmask before, so that should be interesting. The other two I love!

And to finish it off, some rather boring Sephora collection nail files– but I must say, they really do the trick!


Happy shopping in other words, AND I got a discount- win- win!


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