It’s autumn again

It goes so fast! We are in autumn again!

On Sunday we took a walk, after a rather strenuous Saturday that was the only thing we could muster. The weather was nice, people were out, but were we got really lucky, was the fantastic sunset.


Along this path they had put up speakers and played classical music- fantastic idea!

Had to kick the leaves a bit- obligatory for autumn?!

A bit of a view of Varese

Kind of wanted all of these pastries, but only had a coffee 😉


There are forest fires in the mountains around Varese right now, too dry- which might have had some impact on the sky. This sky lasted for about 15 minutes and we managed to get the best look of it.


We have a day off tomorrow so I will go on a bit of a hike with Iza- looking forward to it.


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