Busy Saturday

We had a busy Saturday yesterday, which means that today is the opposite- got to nurture the balance!

It was bfs birthday yesterday, so I surprised him by waking him up to cake, balloons and gifts- I think he was very happy about it ❤

That cake though- tasted even better than it looked ❤

We had already planned to go to a sample sale at work, which we did- it was absolute chaos there since it is open to friends and family of anyone who works at VF. I would love to show everything I bought, but since most of them were Christmas gifts- I can’t 😉

Afterwards we fulfilled my bfs ‘birthday present’ day, which he of course did not know in advance that I had set up.

For lunch we went to the best sushi place around, and the best sushi I have ever had- 12€ for all you can eat does not scream quality food, but this place delivers on all accounts. The fact that it is always packed is a good testament to that.

After that I had booked facials- microdermabrasions- for the both of us at a spa close by.


Then we went to Milan to QC Terme to spend the afternoon/evening at the spa and have aperitivo. If there is one thing we must do again, it is to return to QC Terme- it was such a lovely experience.


It was rather packed on account of it being Saturday, I presume, but still- not bad at all in the different areas of the spa. I paid 40€ per person, for entrance and aperitivo and then we stayed there from 17.30 until midnight if we wanted (we left at 10 though). They have any sauna one can think of; Turkish hammam, regular sauna, salt stone, humid etc. They had relax rooms, a lot of different pools with hydrojets in any direction and an outdoor pool- so nice to sit practically in the middle of Milan in a pool, looking up at the sky (for the occasion not with visible stars, but more of a smog- look to it…).

The outdoor pool ❤
The theater of relax- a room with beds, music and calming light
Tea, flavored water and fruit anytime
Aperitivo time
Wherever there is food, you find Italians 🙂 ❤ (and one Norwegian too 🙂 )



The facade looks lovely in the evening


To finish it all off, we went back home, and shared a bottle of wine at Ultimo in Varese.


All in all I think bf was happy about his gifts and his day- and of course, since I ‘made’ it, I was very pleased with it 😉

Today, as mentioned, a very relaxing day- just tidying the house, doing laundry, making lunch and so on. Soon we’ll watch some Netflix.

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