My bf came yesterday as he has an exam in Milan today. I am like, how can he never be tired of studying, its inane. I do like studying too, but more on a ‘how can I get better at the job I do’ kind of way. He has been doing it forever, taking exams, studying, taking exams and so on- good for him though 😊

Anyway, VERY, VERY, VERY happy he is back for a long weekend. And during fall he always brings so much stuff with him from his parents. Last time he brought chestnuts and a homemade bell pepper paste- so good! This time he brought self- grown pomegranates, home grown farro and more chestnuts.

So, for the first time ever in my life I ate the seeds directly from the fruit, normally I just buy the seeds… I am Norwegian, pomegranates don’t grow naturally there, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

But so so good, did actually think it was going to me more of a hassle to get the seeds out, then it was.

Good couple of days ahead: Today we will grab some food in the evening and tomorrow we will go and have a look at a couple of apartments in Milan. And on Saturday, we will go to the sample sale at work. And… it is my bf’s birthday on Saturday, so he can pick something out from our sales and I shall pay as a present- easy for both of us… haha- long live romance…

Oh, and I ordered myself a pair of new shoes today- I just could.not.resist.. And they are Ultra Cush, so they are comfertable also. Bought them online, so should be in my hands soon 🙂 !

shoesside of shoes

I would buy them in black also, but I must contain myself for now… but look at them ❤

black shoes

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