Villa d’Este

Spent the night in Milan at my friends house last night. We went to Chinese Box in Corso Como and then returned to her apartment. We stayed up until 3.30 chit- chatting which was so great!

However, I am absolutely not used to that anymore, so I am absolutely destroyed today.

Luckily I had an appointment to have lunch with Iza in Como at 1 today, if not I would have still been in bed…

We went to La vita è bella (which I wrote about here) and had one of their fantastic salads! I had a Greek salad and Iza had a tuna, anchovies- and capers salad and we just had to finish up with a blueberry tiramisu.

We took a stroll in Como afterwards before heading off to Villa d’Este on lake Como for a glass.


The view and the villa is just stunning. It was actually quite busy, but nice and calm at the same time.


Villa d’Este is a hotel, understandably quite expensive to stay there, but juuuuust right to grab something to enjoy the view.









Right now I am flat out on my couch, and am contemplating how early I can go to bed.. haha- not made for late nights anymore. But as always- a great weekend!

Tomorrow, new Monday, new week- looking forward to it 😉 !

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