Saturday morning

Saturday morning just after my taste. Went for a run first thing, even though I was a bit apprehensive since I felt a cold coming on, but I tested it out and afterwards… felt like new 🙂 !

Took a shower and then went out to grab a cappuccino as always. This bar (coffee shops in Italy are called bars) close to my house is just so nice- Zamberletti. It seems like it’s been there forever and the people working there knows their coffee!

You come into this place, the music is nice jazz mixed with Italian and today there were a huge table of french people so there was a mix of french too- chatting, having their morning coffee and pastries.

The coffee-steamer go off, this old woman smiles at you to take your order. I get my coffee from a man at the counter and they always have these small pastries that you can have with your coffee. You look around and see these walls with old images and a huge chandelier, great pastries and people enjoying their Saturday mornings- I love it, I love the ambiance and it just feels so Italian ❤









And then I went home, hairmask in my hair, facemask and did my nails 🙂 Later I will go to Milan to meet a friend and have dinner with her- looking forward to it 🙂




Happy Saturday from Italy ❤

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