Well, that escalated quickly

Today I had to leave a bit earlier from work to have a GPS put in my car (insurance stuff), so I was at home super early compared to normal. Which means my afternoon was a bit longer than normal and I figured out- I should wash my makeup brushes.

Apparently one should do that every two weeks, well- let’s just say I do not wash them that often, but I do feel pretty ‘put- together’ when I do it.

So, I started off with a makeup remover, where the bottle is really nice but the product itself only works to clean my brushes, not my face.



A bit of (a lot of) water and clean, clean, clean…


And to make the brushes nice and soft once they are dry again- I use hair conditioner to finish it off.



Look at that- and yes, these are all I use. Two for eyeshadow, one for the highlight and the last one for bronzing powder.


But then… I figured, if I have clean brushes- I should clean my makeup bag too- so I did that (man, that was about time…)


And then… I figured, I should probably clean my makeup products too- and well, these are the pads I used- damn… about time I would say!


I used my toner to remove products on my makeup


And- ahhhh, it feels so nice to have done it- time well spent. But what started with brushes ended up being an entire cleansing session 😉


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