24 degrees 

Another beautiful day today, I absolutely love when it’s this nice out- just walking and enjoying that everyone is outside appreciating the warmth before winter comes.

As planned this week I got my 2 extra long runs, the last one being today. It took all I had to get myself out there, but once my feet started moving the flow set in, and I had a great run (as always).

Went to Milan and took a walk in Giardini Pubblici close to Porta Venezia before saying bye to my bf, as he took the train back to Rimini. I went up to Duomo to do some gift- shopping, and basically had a good walk around Milan too today.

Found the things I needed to buy for my nephews and headed back home absolutely exhausted- but the good kind, you know?!

Didn’t buy anything for myself- and believe me, it wasn’t easy with all the fall- fashion in stores- I love fall- fashion ❤

I did however buy some new chocolate protein powder for my morning smoothies, which I shall try tomorrow- and I will report back.


Ready for a new week tomorrow- always like Mondays- fresh starts 😉 



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