The business of dressing down

On Wednesday I went back to Bocconi for a conference by the Bocconi Alumni Association called ‘Fashion & Athleisure- The Business of dressing down

It was so strange and nice to be back on campus again, but it still felt familiar- two years after. The panel debaters were great- among others, the CEO of the BasicNet Group that has brands like Kappa, Superga and K- Way was there in addition to the CEO of Stone Island, Carlo Rivetti.

All though they weren’t really on-topic, they did have some good insight and views on the future of retail.  And I found the CEO of Stone Island especially interesting, as he had some great anecdotes about his daughter who did an internship at Nike in the US, and how she at the age of 23 could work on a collection for Serena Williams, and how they re-organized it 6 times in a matter of 11 months- that’s agility and listening to the consumer! He also talked about the colab they did with Supreme, which was fantastic.


After the event I met up with my lovely girl Melis for a quick bite- it has been too long that I haven’t seen her, so always a pleasure to talk to this enlightened person ❤

All in all, a great Milano afternoon!

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