Wonder Woman

Yes, I am – or at least my hair is.

We watched the movie Wonder Woman on Saturday and I took some hair inspiration, so thanks to my mom who taught me to braid my hair as a kid, I went around all weekend with braided hair. I must say, the movie was quite cool. It has definitely been hyped enough and Gal Gardot (the actress playing Wonder Woman) has had her fair share of attention, which is great!


When I was in my most busy period during my MBA; studying, working out, planning the SDA Bocconi Ski Cup in addition to general living, I needed some self- motivation, so I put wonder woman as my profile picture on my WhatsApp, and I would say it worked😉

Very much recommended flick, and in some way or another, be a Wonder Woman- you most likely already are at some level anyway!


And then back to real life. Milan Sunday yesterday and I stumbled upon Bubble Tea- so of course I had to try it- was goooood!! The bubbles you see in the iced tea contain more tea, so you bite them and they are bubbles filled with tea of your choice of flavor. I chose a mango tea with peach and melon bubbles- so good ❤



Look at the cute sweater my mom knitted for me- so nice, she is brilliant at these things!


And then of course, lovely Darsena and Navigli in Milan ❤





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