A week of working out!

I have had a GREAT week when it comes to working out! Every morning going for my 40 minute run, and 4 out of 5 days I have been to the gym during my lunch for 30 minutes- very very happy about that- all though I should’ve also gone that last day. Oh well, I won’t complain. As always, three times a week I do Kayla Itsines‘ training, they are so good! And the other one/two days I just wing it a bit, doing fun stuff like pull- ups, bulgarian lunges etc.


I had a talk with my bf about it the other day, and the amount of sitting I do during a day- car, computer, car, home (all though at home I normally move around quite a bit)- at least I get that hour and then some, movement every day. If there is one thing I could ask for, it would be to have a job like today, but just with the possibility to move a bit more- anyone said standing desk, or treadmill desk?!


Anyway, just some snaps from the gym this last week😉 Working on the summer body of 2018- hehe😊 And, yes- I L.O.V.E having a gym at work- it makes my day!






Here are two of this weeks Kayla workouts- I did modify a bit to make them a bit tougher, but they are gooood!


Very nice weekend ahead- dinner, apartment- hunting, lunch in Milan, bowling, hiking (hopefully) and so on- looking forward to it! The temperatures are supposed to be around 20 degrees, so I have to get out and about – enjoy fall!

Happy Friyay!

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