October cleaning

As a ‘celebration’ to the start of the last quarter of 2017, I have made it my goal to clean up my appartment. And remembering how it is to pack and move, prepare for my move to Milan little by little!

And if there are two things I have learnt along the way, to keep my house neat and tidy, it is that:

1- Clean and tidy up right away, do not postpone anything- do what you can do today, today- not tomorrow.

2- If you start a bigger process (like cleaning out clothes and boxes), do one a day or take one area a day- it makes it more managable.

In that spirit I started with my boxes of clothes and shoes yesterday. Now, I did this in the spring also, but I figured it cannot hurt to do it again, so I basically tore out everything and started to go through it.

And I did find some things to throw out… I even found two pairs of shoes, one of which were bought in 2003, that I have never worn- about time to give them to someone else!

My storage room


Bye, bye shoes- it has been a pleasure!

The red trainers are from Zara, the first shoes I bought from there and is a size 37- I am a size 38/39- no wonder I never use them.

I did have a ‘platform’ period, but none of those platform pumps have been used a lot…


Of course I had to hold on to a couple of them also:

The green colour is just too good to get rid of
These red boots are just too nostalgic to throw away
And wedged black boots I can always use!

In any case I did manage to do some damage to the mess and in the spirit of not postponing things- this morning I took it all with me and it is now placed in clothes- collecting bins. Very proud of myself šŸ˜‰


I even found some nice boots that I will give away to my mom- really good leather, barely used- hopefully she’ll utilize them better than me.



It feels good to clean out, today I will go through my jackets and my bedroom closet to see what I can throw out and what I can store for next summer. I do have some more boxes in my storage room too- which are filled with cd’s that does not do much use anymore, we’ll see what I can find the time for tonight.

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