Pasta Amatriciana

I love Sundays ❤️

I woke up and went for a run while bf was in bed watching Formel 1. I didn’t work out yesterday so today I shall admit it was a bit rough to get going, but as always- once I get my feet moving it’s fantastic!

When I came home, we went to get a coffee and grabbed everything we needed for today’s lunch- Pasta Amatriciana.

This pasta dish is from the area around Rome, more specifically from Amatrice which is a mountain town two hours from Rome. Actually it was a town outside of Rome, after last years earthquake the town was more or less completely destroyed.

It consists of pasta, sugo- which is tomato sauce, pecorino cheese (mixed in, AND put on top), bacon (I don’t eat a lot of meat, but when the dish deserves it- I eat it), pepper and then we bought some amazing olive- bread on the side.

I love bread, like seriously it’s my favorite food- which I almost never eat anymore, but when I do- I eat a lot 😉


It was good, good, good!

Right now we are relaxing trying to digest  a bit before going for a walk.

Planning to watch the Inter game on TV later and at 7, bf returns to Rimini where he’s now based.

Happy Sunday ☺️☺️

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