Ladies who lunch

Iza came to Varese today to get her hair done, and after we went to grab lunch together at Hambu in town.


It is strange, but very very nice that we can just catch up like that even though we live in different countries… She lives in Lugano in Switzerland (and I live in Varese in Italy), but since it is only a 40 minute drive, it really is not a big problem. Thinking back to where I grew up, driving 40 minutes don’t get you far, let alone to another country- hehe:)


As the name indicates, Hambu is a hamburger restaurant, and they do deliver the stuff! They have so much on the menu and you can choose which bread you want with your burger- love it!

We had a platter of cheese to share as a appetizer and then I chose a vegetarian burger with tofu. And as one can image by the looks of both the burger and the chips- the food was gooooood!

Iza had a beer- I just had to take a picture of it since the bottle was cool and my water was far less interesting (I am having a three- week white period- just because it is nice to detox a bit with no alcohol now and then).





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