Two faces

This is laterally 30 minutes a part…

This one is at the gym doing the alphabet as an ab- excersise, so so so hard!! And stupid Norwegian alphabet with extra letters!! 

Doing the alphabet with your feet goes like this:

In this case I was on a bench with my feet in the air, but it also works on a mat on the floor. 

Raise your feet and start ‘drawing’ the letters of the alphabet in the air with your feet, with the different letters you get different movements and KILLS every single muscle in your stomach- yasss!! 

Do it until you have finished the alphabet or as long as you can. Want to increase the intensity- draw the letters, then trace them back again. 

I did two rounds of the alphabet- enough for me as one can see below ..😣😣

These ones are demonstrations of my grey/silver outfit and makeup today- yes to diverse pictures I would say..

Oh, and I just saw that the legendary Pat McGrath uses her fingers to put on (strong colored) eyeshadow- such a makeup hack! Totally did that today, and will continue doing that! 

And of course… my new shoe- obsession :

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