Two Times Art

Today was a Milan Sunday with Sofia, and we decided to wing it and go to a couple of art exhibits.

Since it is Milan Fashion Week until tomorrow, the once we saw were dedicated to fashion. First up was the United Colors of Benetton sponsored exhibition ‘I see Colors Everywhere’ (linking to their innovation on coloring sweaters way back when) at La Triennale di Milano

Great art, it really wasn’t big, but I must admit, small and nice is always way better than big and meh 😉

Afterwards we walked from the Triennale, which is at one end of Parco Sempione down to Piazza Duomo and Palazzo Reale which had an exhibition celebrating La Rinascente in Milan ‘La Rinascente, Stories of Innovation’.

The inside of Palazzo Reale is absolutely stunning, look at the light today ❤



The exhibition was ok, some cool items- like old ad-posters (which they pioneered, together with Campari, way back when) and some really nice products designs of their time.

I liked the nostalgia of the 100 (cento) lire too. And of course a boot ❤

Should one be interested, here is the map with the two places:

On our way from Duomo to Isola, I had to get the obligatory shot of ‘Bosco Verticale’ (the vertical forest).

Our day ended at Deus Ex Machina in Isola to grab something to drink and some food. I just love that place. Have only been a couple of times to the one in Milan, but I have also been to the one in Bali (Indonesia), which is absolutely worth checking out if one happens to be there. The vibe in them both are the same but very different as one could imagine.


​Just a tiny wrap- up of my day:

Another great day in Milan, we probably walked 20k today, so now I am done and done!

Another week tomorrow- yay 😉 !


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