Ever since I saw the shoes of Carrie Bradshaw in the last scene of Sex And The City (the series), I have wanted ‘sock-shoes’

Yup- the ones she’s wearing here ❤

And now the time has finally arrived where I can find them everywhere, so yesterday I bought a pair of sock-shoes. I ended up with black ones (reasonable-eh?!) from Zara (yes, I might have a Zara- addiction..) for a decent price (55€), with sensible heels too.  They did have a pair with higher heels, but my reasonable self kicked in.

Happy me… looking at clothes you see …;)

There is a possibility I have to buy other colors too (as in grey, pink, green for example), but let’s cross that bridge when we get there 🙂 
And of course, I had to match the shoes with some killer earrings from H&M.

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