A Swizz Hike and Beyond

Today was one of those fantastic balanced days.

I went to my friend who lives in Lugano (Switzerland) as she was taking me hiking around Lugano. The route we took was up to Monte San Salvatore which was a nice 2,5 hour hike from the lake. The route was pretty steep all the way up, so it was enough for the both of us, and then of course going down was another story for my knees.

Going up, up, up…

And yes, those railways on the side there is for the funicular that we could’ve taken up, but we wanted the hike, you know?!


But we had a GREAT hike, talking, walking, laughing and of course as we got up there we had to have some ‘fuel’ as my mom always called it when she took us skiing and hiking as kids. The view of Lugano was spectacular from up there!


How cool is this building that we spotted on the way up?!




When we got down we just chilled by the lake for a couple of minutes, enjoying a nice autumn day- pure peace.


And to balance it all out a bit, we of course had to take a trip to Lake Como for a tiny aperitivo. We ended up at Grand Hotel Tremezzo just to enjoy the view and a glass ❤ The view did not disappoint, the glass on the other hand- 12€ for this IKEA glass of wine… not impressed. Oh well, been there, done that.

Happy campers on their way 🙂



Do I look the part…?


I might have a slight obsession for my new shoes…


A great Saturday indeed, I might do some more hiking tomorrow, but around Varese- let’s see.


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