Today’s articles

Today I found two interesting articles about leather and alternatives to the use of animal leather and one interview with Giorgio Armani.

To think new about leather

The first one you can read HERE

This one is on Nike and how they use scraps and remains after cutting conventional leather and recycling it to create new leather pieces. This solution creates an 80% smaller carbon footprint, and 90% less water than normal leather production!



Read the second one HERE

The next one is an even better example of thinking new; vegan, sustainable alternatives to fabric and leather. This is a great example on how people and the industry in general is thinking new and thus showing that people do care about both the environment, our fellow earth- walkers AND innovation. I like it




Giorgio Armani

You can read the interview HERE

The last one is just a nice little titbit from The Guardian on Giorgio Armani, and his plan for a successor. I do believe he might be ‘hard’ (as noted) in his management way;

“when I do realize that things are not going as I planned, the people who work for me, they will know. It will be painful for them to realize.”


But I do also believe that the best bosses sometime need to be a bit unpopular.

He is the reigning king though, and if you have been to Armani Silos– it is clear why!

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