Just a stroll in Milan

Yesterday after the Formel 1 race, where the Italian Ferrari had two cars, starting as number 1 and 3- both failed and didn’t finish the race (sad bf in other words), we went to Milan.

Since it was a Sunday without any plans and the weather was beautiful we drove down to Milan and parked at Corso Como and then walked down to Duomo.

We didn’t even shop, all though I did contemplate a pair of boots with brocade heels (my DREAM would come through 😉 ), and I went to Zara, nothing came home with us- very proud indeed of that!

Just some snaps from our trip:

The famous Gucci wall in Milan. Even though the wall is also to sell products (this one is the first Alessandro Michele fragrance) I think they are good at making it work as an art-piece in the city too. And they change it often enough for it to be interesting.




In Corso Garibaldi at Piazza del Carmine we just stopped for a quick coffee and a coffee/ginseng for me (so good, basically an espresso with ginseng), and I noticed a couple of exciting things: Acne has opened a shop at a great location in Milan (I didn’t dare to go in- too much good stuff). There is another God Save The Food there, which I L.O.V.E and have written about HERE in my Milan guide. I did also notice the new statue in the piazza- intriguing.





They have put up this garden in front of Duomo which just looks lovely. The idea might be to hinder any potential terrorists to drive into Piazza Duomo, but as always in Italy- elegantly executed!





The old arch (Arco di Porta Garibaldi) on Piazza XXV Aprile in Corso Como with the very new Uni Credit building in the back- I liked the contrast of the new and old- a good representation of my favourite city.



I will soon be back, hopefully I will look at some more apartments later in the week😉

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