A hairstory

Finally a touch up on my hair happened yesterday. My hairdresser in Varese is fantastic, she just gets my highlights exactly the way I want them! When I move to Milan I might have to return to Varese once a month to get my hair done with her. Also because they’re not used to coloring fine, blonde hair, so finding a good one is a treasure one keeps!

It always take a bit of time (three hours to be exact), but very much worth it! Making my hair straight is the easiest task in the world, but making curls that lasts for more than 10 minutes is also a victory, I still have them today which is another testament to quality!










And then… I just had to throw in some ‘shoes of the day’ pictures from the last month basically. The ones with the four feet is from our vacation to Puglia in Italy, and shows that even my friends have to participate in my Instagram ‘shoes of the day’ pictures… they didn’t resist that much though 😉


Soon we are off to Milan as the weather is fantastic here today, but first bf just had to watch the Formel 1 race from Singapore first.

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