Househunting weekend

This weekend I have some nice and relaxing plans. First I kick it off with going to Milan to look at a couple of appartments- wohoo, the process has started! And then tomorrow morning we have another three lined up to look at.

This one looks cute and is one of the very, very few that are actually styled for showing:

This one is another opportunity, totally new- which means it is probably safer to buy, all though walls needs to be repainted.. The kitchen is nice, I would’ve prefered other colors in the bathroom (they are white and ligth blue…), but I will for sure not spend extra money on that..


The first and most challenging thing is to figure out how this works for me, as I work in Switzerland, would live in Italy (and not anymore close to the boarder which has its advantages) and still be a tax- citizen of Norway. In addition to understand the rules and regulations of owning a house in Italy- they are not exactly known for making things easy.

But I have decided it would be a good investment, and if I cannot handle the daily commute of around 45 minutes each way, I can rent it out and move back to Varese or to Como which are both closer to work.

In Norway I would have probably have tried to find something I can fix up a bit, to ensure that I would be able to raise the value and thus raise the potential earnings of it.

Here in Italy, I am more hesitant to that. I think my first apartment will be one that is done, ready to move into and then the next one, once I know the market a bit more- I can explore different options.

The second nice thing I am looking forward to is an after-work aperitivo tonight with some colleagues in Varese at Caffè Broletto.



And then tomorrow I will finally go to the hairdresser after a summer- haitus of two months- my hair needs a bit of a fix- up.

Other than that- no plans, lovely 😉

Happy Friyay!



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