Today’s articles

I read. I read a lot!

Every day I try and read at least four or five articles on subjects that interests me.

It can be personal development, it can be about business in general, writing, health, fashion, technology- you name it, I’ll happily read it!

Since I now write a blog, and I do enjoy it- I know I need to get better at writing. Three things I do actively to get better; I try to write a lot, I read about writing better and lastly I actively notice if and what, I like about the texts I read.

The aim is to keep learning- always

So with in that in mind- here are some of the articles I have read today and that I found interesting enough to share.

I would say todays ‘theme’ is criticising the industry I work for, either from a brand perspective, from a concept perspective or an ethical perspective. In any way I absolutely support the idea of having a balanced view to tease the brain to think.


Read the first one HERE.

Supreme has made it a ‘trademark’ to be unique and authentic, but how authentic can a brand be when they create collaborations with every other brand out there? Eugene Rabkin of Style Zeitgeist sheds some brilliant light on it.


Fashion Shows:

Read the second one HERE.

This one is another point of view from Style Seitgeist on the paradox of luxury brands presenting their collections with elaborate shows in countries with challenging economical situations- brilliant read and I must say I agree to the criticism.

lv chanel 1lv chanle 2


Worker wages:

Read the third article HERE.

The last one is from Los Angeles Times and puts the US workers’ payment into the limelight. Where there has been a lot of talk and controversy around sweatshops in Bangadesh, India and Asia in general this article does gives an interesting read on ‘homemade’ (presuming your home is in the US) products, and the ethical challenge of below minimum wage salaries.


Happy reading 😊

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