Train back home 

Since I didn’t know where I would end up this weekend after my vacation with the ladies and the gent, I hadn’t booked a trip back.

The alternatives were either to continue staying at the seaside, but further north at Alba Adriatica or going back home. 

As it turned out I’m going back home I booked a train ticket fromBari to Milan which is a calm 7 hour train trip… at least I stacked up for the next hours…

And I even went out of the train station to get a bit of a caffein hit with this iced coffee with soy milk, which actually might be the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.. to think I had to go to Bari to find it..

Anyway- looking forward to getting home too, all though that means my vacation is over 😦 

Oh well, it’s been a great summer, so I can’t complain- let’s see what changes the switch of the season brings with it… 

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