Killer start

Today started with a workout; 35 minutes of running and then meeting up with my friend in a workout playground to do 30 minutes of circle training followed by a walk back to the hotel- KILLER start in other words!

We did 30 seconds on each exercise, as many as possible during that time- I timed Kjersti, she timed me doing two rounds of:

Dips, Leg- ups (abs), push ups,sit- ups, plank (1 min) and jump squats (1 min)- totally the best start of the day!

Focus, focus, focus


And squat (represented by Kjersti here ❤ )




Then we headed off to breakfast, the beach- and you know, normal summer chill life.


We ended up at La Perla Nera today again (as we did yesterday), and they have a vegetarian starter that is too good for words- peppers, bruschetta, veggies, potatoes, bread and a bit of pasta- cannot ask for more… well, and some sparkling wine of course 😉


Headed home through the narrow streets of Monopoli



We wanted to grab something before dinner at this roof top terrace, but they ended up being closed when we wanted to go. I did manage to get a picture though- looks like we have to try it tomorrow after the beach- the view just looks stunning.

Another day in paradise ❤

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