La Perla Nera

We had a fantastic day by the sea today, the weather was impeccable and, well- the company even better.

We decided to rent beds at a place closer to the city today, called La Perla Nera- translated to ‘The Black Pearl’.

I did read some rather sketchy reviews of the place on TripAdvisor, but we were very satisfied with it, and the lunch we had was fantastic- just veggies, a bruschetta, bread and sparkling wine from Puglia.

The color of the water here is just unreal- so pretty!


This wine from Puglia was fantastic, sparkling and fresh- recommended by the owner of the restaurant.



Just throwing in a picture from the other day of me and Camilla, when it is raining and you still have wine- you whip out the umbrella and finish the drink outside 😉



We are taking it slow and have now booked a restaurant that has been fully booked the last two nights, so our expectations are quite high… let’s see if they deliver.

Happy Monday out there ❤



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