Bari/Monopoli vacation

4.15- that was the time we had set our alarms on yesterday morning, brutally early in other words- but since we were bound for vacation to Monopoli one cannot complain exactly!


Had some breakfast at the airport and grabbed Easyjet from Milan to Bari, which, as always with Easyjet, was delayed 30 minutes- so we missed a connecting train to Monopoli, which is 30 minutes by train from Bari. Around here:

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 19.33.36

Since we had to wait an hour and a half in Bari, we found a cute place and apparently had every drink on their menu… almost.

A Matcha Cappuccino, a smoothie and an iced coffee- all so good.

The hotel we (meaning my friend) had booked is so cute, and it is located in the middle of the old part of Monopoli. And they picked us up in this cute tuk-tuk from the train station 😀

I just had to time- lapse our ride to the hotel 🙂

I really did not have that many expectation to the place, but I have heard Puglia (which is the name of the region in Italy) in general is beautiful with great food and good prices. So far, I am very impressed. Since we arrived yesterday we haven’t explored that much yet, but the old town is absolutely stunning, with white houses, narrow streets and well maintained.

We met up with our friends that came to Monopoli yesterday, had lunch, chilled and drank some wine.



Everyone loves my ‘shoes of the day’ pic on Instagram 😉


Today has been all beach day, and after yesterdays late night, chilling on the beach was the perfect choice.

Off to dinner soon, and ready for a new day in the sun tomorrow ❤

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