Milan Running

If you ever go to Milan and need some routes to run I have rounded up my three favourite routes here, that all caters to different areas of the city. One is close to Navigli, one is close to the city centre, Duomo, Brera and Corso Como and one is close to Porta Venezia and Milan Central station.


Parco Sempione

This one would be the easiest one to know as it is basically the only proper big park in Milan, and is pretty much in the centre of the city. On the one end you find Arco della Pace and on the other end you find Castello Sforzesco.




ps map

There are a couple of things that are great about this run.

First, you can either run on the outside of the park all the way around which is a 3,6 k run, so if you need a longer run, take more laps or shorter- you just cut through the park wherever you wish. As it is a public area the surroundings feels safe, and as a little bonus you find some drinking fountains along the path if you get thirsty (and yes, they are safe to drink from unless you mistake a normal fountain for a drinking fountain…)

Normal fountain (outside if Parco Sempione and Castello Sforzesco)


Drinking fountain:


The more you know… 😉



The second one is along Navigli. There are two Naviglis right next to each other in Milan, one small and one bigger one. It is along the bigger one everything happens. This is a fact I did not know this the first time I went on vacation to Milan 13 years ago, and was rather disappointed with the ‘buzzing life of Navigli’, which you will not find if you only go to the small one.


nvg map

Anyway- big Navigli running! The really nice part of this one is that you (can) start in the busy section of Navigli, with bars, shops, people and then, depending on how far you go, come down to running paths along the canal and people rowing in the canal. What is great about this option is that you can totally adjust how far you want to go before you turn around and go back. It also feel a bit ‘fresher’ as you go outside of the city the further you go. If you go far enough you even end up at an IKEA and can treat yourself to some Swedish meatballs, or even better- the best candy😉!

nvg run


Giardini Pubblici:

This one is my absolute favourite place to run in Milan. What translates to ‘Public garden’ is a park around Porta Venezia, Corso Buenos Aires (famous for shopping, which only God knows why because it is not very good) and Milan Central Station.


gp cas

map gp

There are a couple of things I like about this park. First, it is located in a great area of the city. Second the life in the park is vivid; dogs, kids, runners and just people taking a stroll- not too busy, but busy enough that it feels like you’re in a city. Third, the path around the park goes on the inside of the gates (it closes during the night) and is a nice natural path (as opposed to asphalt).

The round around the park is not very long, only about 3k, but it does make it better to adjust to your level, take more laps if you need a longer run, take one if that satisfies you- or if you have a long run to get to the park itself.

Fun fact- I took my bf running in Giardini Publici the first time we went for a workout together, and strangely enough he didn’t want to run anymore with me… We had to sit on a bench for a while afterwards- poor man of mine, he is really really sweet, though!

I love running; it is cheap, accessible everywhere and is a great way to explore new (and old) places.


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